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The company JOHNWAYLAS was incorporated in Nigeria in year 2016 for contracting purpose The management of the company is drawn from both local and foreign countries. The company can operate in any part of the world with a better solid capability in Nigeria and Niger Delta Area.

The company has both local and foreign technical partners both in consultancy and engineering field of operations.

JOHNWAYLAS is a Nigeria company.


JOHNWAYLAS aims to provide professional services for all industries in the globe, and in the oil and gas industry in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible way for the benefit of all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, business partners, host and home governments and local communities, taking the lead in maintenance optimization.

We believe that maintenance is one of the most important tools for optimizing production, ensuring health and safety and minimizing environmental impact. JOHNWAYLAS will not only strive to fully master the technology of maintenance but also to integrate it seamlessly into our clients” production objectives.

We apply world class methods for maintenance and production optimization in all of our Operations where we are active. in so doing, we enhance the development of their rich natural and human resources in a financially, socially and environmentally responsible way.


To understand, meet and exceed our customer’s present and future needs for high quality, value for money, production and services;

  1. To develop innovative techniques
  2. To attain the highest achievable standard of occupational health and safety in the management and execution of projects and implementation of our services.
  3. To develop the local indigenous knowledge, skill, creativity and potential of all our people.
  4. To care for the local communities in which we operate and ensure the highest level of performance in protecting the environment.
  5. To achieve profitable growth and attractive return on capital for our shareholders.
  6. To set the standard in the industry by ensuring the “QUALITY” is at the fore front of all our services.



  1. The management of JOHNWAYLAS has accepted the responsibility to perform all works, services and products comprising procurement, construction, and repairs and commissioning to the highest quality standard.
  2. To meet these obligations, JOHNWAYLAS TRANSNATIONAL has established this project Quality plan to comply with all the specified requirements of the principles of ISO 9001 standard including pertinent national statutory requirements.
  3. It is the policy of JOHNWAYLAS that all personnel engaged in any project must work to achieve the following:

(a) Sustain the required quality level so as to continually meet contract requirements.

(b) Justify the confidence placed on them by JOHNWAYLAS by ensuring the intended quality is not only attained.

(c) Ensure JOHNWAYLAS ability to sustained desired quality level at every stage of the contract is not disgraced when exposed to the audit.

(d) Ensure that the intended quality of construction and commissioning will be achieve within the contract period and budget.

4. The project manager and the entire personnel are fully committed to this policy and it’s Quality System. Consequently, all personnel shall work in accordance with the provision of this project Quality Plan, applicable Work Procedures, Standard and Work instructions.

5. The project manager shall have the overall authority and responsibility for the establishment of all quality assurance and quality control requirements necessary to achieve and sustain this Quality Policy.

6. Sub-contactors and vendors if engaged in any project will be required to be familiar with this policy and to follow all quality system procedures relevant to their works.