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Be among our Longrich Affiliate referrals program

Join over a million people


First Purchase of Direct referrals
Stockist System
Passive: Repeat Purchases of Direct referral 
Leverage: First and Repeat Purchase of Indirect Referrals
Wide Variety of Healthy Products
Legacy for the future/ Your children get paid too
Weekly/Daily passive/leveraged income
All-expenses paid vacations (Cash out/transferable)
Annual Car-Fund Promos – Change your car yearly
Global Business: Build local and global teams
Raising Entrepreneurs and dependents with 7figures weekly earnings (stop giving them fish, teach them HOW TO fish)
Share holding (share in up to 3.5% of global sales in over 100 countries and counting)
Star Directorship retirement shares for life
Own franchise (stockist/major distributorship) outlets all over the world
Your Membership Code is an asset
No buying and selling
No compulsory purchases/autoships
No Targets/Pressure
Buffet-Styled Business – Endless choices, Maximum Freedom
Unlimited Accumulation of Bonus Points
Personal Development Guaranteed




All commissions/Incentives are measured by

PV which equals sales volume

PV means Product Value
All purchases are measured by PV not currency
PV is the Longrich global Language
PV determines entry levels and rank progressions